Thursday, November 12, 2009

News isn't News Everywhere

Recently, I have drifted back to reading the New York Times (NYT) on, at least, a semi-regular basis. That I read the NYT is, however, less important than what I chose to read and why I read it.
Not living in a country limits your exposure to it's media. Sure, I see some headlines in Russian newspapers and websites: "DC Sniper Executed in Virginia" or "Mike Tyson Arrested in LA Airport," but they can be easily ignored. I think back on the 35W bridge-collapse--one of my initial thoughts was "F-, this will be the only news for months." I was not wrong--the same story saturated the Twin Cities media for months.
I am not a news junkie and my interest in political news is lackluster at best. Don't write this off to ignorance or apathy. I like to know what is going on around me, but I am choosy in what I read and watch. I am thankful that living outside of the US better allows me to filter US-related information. What's going on with health-care reform? I can unabashedly say that I don't know. Currently, it affects me, personally, just as much as the discovery of the lost army of the Persian King Kambiz II in the Sahara. I can read about both when I chose to, because I think it's important to know what's going on in the world around us, not because it's crammed down my throat through repetition.
So what have I been choosing? Oh, a little bit of everything: the Vatican inviting conservative Anglicans to join it, slide-shows about different types of electric connectors, announcements of upcoming shows and exhibitions. It feels like I'm staying in touch with a friend through following what he's doing, reading, listening to, etc.
Although, it's not like being there. My resurgent interest in the NYT, as a repository of societal happenings, is concurrent with my waining commitment to pop-culture blogs. Sorry Look At This Fucking Hipster, Bike Snob NYC, and A Softer World. I am becoming and will most likely further drift away from current US internet trends. For better or worse.
What made me write all this? Something that has more to do with cultural context, actually--a funny quote I recently found in the NYT:
"Ghostface Killah sings along to Billy Joel, refuses to smoke pot because it kills his mojo and hates ladies with rock-hard calves: these were the surprising facts we came away with when we sat with him in his car for an interview recently."


  1. It makes sense for people to read more local news-- cause hearing about a tornado tearing down Portland Ave. is good to know; as is hearing the crap your local reps are up to (hello Michelle Bachman). But hey, this is Teh Internetz, you can read old BBS posts from '94 if you want to. ... At least I hope your keeping up with Perez.

  2. You know, I never actually did read Perez. Which makes me wonder how as much as I do about celebs. Gag.